Class description

This is a two-day course for intermediate to advanced students who wish to learn how to turn natural edge bowls and develop their skills in woodturning.

In the class, you will learn how to prepare your materials for natural edge bowls, find balance in design, ride the bevel and ghost uneven pieces.

If you’re unsure whether your skill level is suitable for this course, please contact your teacher using the button below.

A Lathe will be provided for each student. Basic turning chisels and chucks are available for use during the class, however, it is highly encouraged that the students bring their own turning chisels and chucks.

Turning blanks will be supplied and are included in the tuition price.

Simon started turning in high school and after only one bowl he was hooked. Now he is turning full-time, making big steps in his career. His works are in a number of galleries in Australia and all over the world.

Suitable for beginners with little experience up to intermediate students. Children 14+ are welcome to participate in this course.

Please note, we require a parent or guardian to be on the premises for the duration of the class if a minor is attending.


Every creation you craft is yours to cherish. As you sculpt, sand, and finish, you’ll not only have tangible pieces of art to take home but also invaluable skills and memories forged in the heart of our community.


PPE will be supplied however students wishing to bring their own should come with a face mask, safety glasses or goggles and earmuffs or earplugs.

Closed shoes are a mandatory requirement for all students.

Those with their own turning chisels should also bring them along to get better accustomed at using them but we also supply all tools if you don’t have any.

We have a kitchen onsite with fridge and microwave for those that want to bring their own food, and there are also takeaway options within walking distance.

WORK SHOP location

12 Gerald Street, Marrickville NSW

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About Simon Begg

Simon is a young Australian woodworker from Sydney who found his passion for timber at a young age. Throughout school he excelled in Industrial Technology, finishing high school with a rank of 2nd in the State. He completed his cabinetmaking apprenticeship working for Stephen Pemberton Fine Furniture and Covemore Designs in Seven Hills. While completing his trade, Simon spent most of his time in his shed making pieces for customers and competitions, regularly winning awards at agricultural shows.
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