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Woodworking Journey

Launch Your Woodworking Career with Wood Academy's Residency Program

Ready to transform your woodworking passion into a full-time career? We understand the hurdles of taking that plunge – from building up enough business to covering the high costs of setting up a professional workshop. That’s why we’ve crafted the perfect program for up-and-coming makers like you.

A Partnership for Success

Teach & Earn:

Share your expertise by teaching our weekly classes. Not only does this provide financial stability, but it also enriches the learning experience of our community.

Create & Grow:

Enjoy dedicated space in our fully equipped Residents Workshop. It's waiting for your projects, giving you full access without the overhead.

Get Noticed:

As part of our mission to champion craftsmanship, we'll actively promote you as a woodworker, driving new customers your way and showcasing your work.


Our Program

More makers, better world!

Because we believe the world needs more craftsmanship. By educating hobbyists and supporting aspiring professionals, we’re building a future where woodworkers thrive. You help us inspire our students, and we help you launch into a career that you love.

The Program Overview


As a resident, you’ll be a pillar of our educational ecosystem. Your contributions will include:

  1. Teaching: A minimum commitment of 20 hours a week, sharing your expertise and passion with our students.
  2. Community Engagement: Actively contributing to our vibrant community, offering support and encouragement to fellow woodworkers.
  3. Continuous Learning: Embracing opportunities to grow your skills and knowledge within the craft.


The Residency Program is structured to elevate your woodworking journey. By joining us, you benefit from:

  • Financial Stability: Earn a consistent income through teaching, providing financial security as you build your business.
  • Unlimited Making: With dedicated space in our professional workshop, push the boundaries of your craft without the limitations of setting up your workshop.
  • Brand Growth: Leverage Wood Academy’s platform to grow your personal brand until your business becomes self-sustainable. Through our promotion efforts, including regular exhibitions and social media exposure, your work gains the recognition it deserves

Residents Workshop

Take the Leap

Don’t let the challenges of starting out on your own hold you back. Join forces with Wood Academy and step confidently into your future as a professional woodworker.

Ready to Make a Change? Apply to the Residency Program today and start building not just incredible projects, but a remarkable career.

Questions? Reach out! We’re here to guide you every step of the way.

Craft your future with Wood Academy!

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