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The Residents Program

A new type of co-working space designed exclusively for woodworkers committed to their craft and career

In this program, woodworkers can rent a space in two or three-day blocks, offering them the flexibility to work around their other commitments. Each resident gets their own dedicated workbench and space, in addition to access to a shared workshop with professional-grade tools and machines.

More than just a workspace, the Resident Program is a vibrant community of like-minded professionals. It encourages collaboration, mutual support, and provides opportunities for commissioned pieces.

Essentially, the Resident Program is an investment in a woodworker’s professional growth. It provides the space, tools, resources, and community necessary for their success in the woodworking industry.



More makers, better world!

We believe in the power of woodworking and our mission is to grow the craft in Australia. By providing a state-of-the-art facility with flexible access, we’re breaking down barriers to entry and empowering craftspeople to launch and grow their careers.

our Benefits

Flexible access starting at 3 days/wk
Grow your craft and your career with a community of like minded makers
Showcase your work at exhibitions and social media
Dedicated workbench and space to create
Shared access to professional workshop and machines

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