Welcome to the Wood Academy Membership Program, designed specifically for passionate hobbyists in need of the perfect space to explore their woodworking dreams

We’ve crafted this program with you in mind, the dedicated enthusiast who seeks a space to create, learn, and grow.

As a member, you gain access to our Members Workshop for a dedicated session each week. This is your time, a consistent slot where you can dive into your project undisturbed. You’ll have your own workbench, full access to our hand tools, and entry to the Machine room. But you won’t be alone—our skilled Tutor and Assistant will be on hand, ready to guide you through any challenges you might face. Whether you’re just starting or putting the final touches on your masterpiece, we’re here to help.

This program is our way of inviting enthusiasts to become a part of the Wood Academy family. It’s more than access—it’s a ticket to a community of like-minded creators, a doorway to consistent learning, and a platform to take your woodworking skills to new heights. Ready to join us? Secure your spot on the waitlist now and take the next step in your woodworking journey.

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