Gift the Joy of Woodworking

Give more than just a gift; inspire a new passion. Perfect for any schedule, our classes ignite creative journeys

Ignite Passion

Our classes open doors to lifelong hobbies. Perfect for those yearning to explore their creative side

Expert Led Learning

Learn from the best in a state-of-the-art facility. Our expert instructors guide beginners to confidently craft their first project

Flexible Scheduling

Classes are designed to fit even the busiest schedule. With evening sessions and rolling start dates, there’s always a class available

Unique Gift of Creativity

Gift more than an object, gift the creative outlet they have yearned for.

Two Paths to Woodworking Joy

Taste of Woodworking

Box making with hand tools

$ 380 4 weeks
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Focus on hand tools
  • Craft a custom box

Intro to Woodworking

Comprehensive overview

$ 780 8 weeks
  • Expansive skill building
  • Includes machinery use
  • Variety of projects

How It Works