Class description

Over the course of four 3-hour sessions held every Monday evening 6-9pm, participants will gain hands-on experience in woodworking essentials, with an emphasis on safety, mastering essential tools, and crafting beautiful mitered boxes.

The “Introduction to Woodworking Course – Crafting Mitered Boxes” is an abbreviated yet focused woodworking course designed for those with no prior woodworking experience and beginners eager to dive into the world of woodworking through the creation of mitered boxes.

Course Objectives:

Safety First: Learn the foundational safety practices and principles necessary for woodworking, with a focus on tool safety, personal protective equipment, and workshop setup.

Tools of the Trade: Introduce students to the core hand and power tools used in woodworking, emphasizing their functions and basic maintenance.

Wood Selection: Explore wood types, characteristics, and the art of selecting the right wood for mitered box projects.

Measuring and Marking: Develop precision in measuring, marking, and layout techniques to ensure accurate and professional results.

Mitre Joints: Focus on mastering the creation of miter joints, including understanding angles, cutting, and gluing techniques.

Cutting and Shaping: Gain practical experience using saws and other tools to cut and shape wood, ensuring clean and precise miters.

Assembly and Finishing: Learn the assembly process for mitered boxes, as well as finishing techniques like sanding, staining, and sealing for a professional appearance.

Crafting Mitered Boxes: Apply the skills and techniques learned throughout the course to create your very own mitered box, gaining experience in project planning and execution.

Course Structure:

Each night begins with a brief theoretical overview of the topic and hands-on demonstrations.

Participants engage in practical sessions, with the guidance and supervision of the instructor.

The course culminates in the completion of a mitered box project, offering participants a tangible and satisfying result of their woodworking efforts.

By the end of the “Introduction to Woodworking Course – Crafting Mitered Boxes,” participants will have the skills and confidence to create beautiful mitered boxes, making it an ideal starting point for those looking to embark on woodworking as a hobby or explore woodworking projects focusing on precision and craftsmanship.

Suitable for beginners with no experience up to intermediate students. Children 14+ are welcome to participate in this course.

Please note, we require a parent or guardian to be on the premises for the duration of the class if a minor is attending.


Upon completing the class, you depart with not only your newly handcrafted creations but also a wealth of foundational knowledge and skills. With the ability to carefully cut, fit, and finish, you now possess the expertise to confidently pursue further woodworking endeavors.


PPE will be supplied however students wishing to bring their own should come with a face mask, safety glasses or goggles and earmuffs or earplugs.

Closed shoes are a mandatory requirement for all students.

Those with their own tools relevant to the class should also bring them along to get better accustomed at using them but we also supply all tools if you don’t have any.

We have a kitchen onsite with fridge and microwave for those that want to bring their own food, and there are also takeaway options within walking distance.

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12 Gerald Street, Marrickville NSW

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About David Lim

David divides his time between making with wood and teaching at Wood Academy and Timberbits. David has made over 26,000 pens and thousands of boxes, which are sold through Wood Galleries around Australia and China. David believes in continuous lifelong learning and has spent many hours with different Master Makers from Australia and around the world. David's preference is to make smaller artifacts out of highly figured Australian timbers, which he mainly directly sources from Tasmania.
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