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Unlock your potential with our beginner-friendly woodworking classes. Learn in a state-of-the-are facility from the nations top instructors. 

Journey into woodworking

Imagine transforming a simple piece of wood into a beautiful and functional piece of art. At Wood Academy, we guide curious newcomers on a transformative journey through the art of woodworking. Our structured 4 and 8-week courses are designed not just to teach you the techniques but to immerse you in the experience of creating with your hands, step-by-step, until you can proudly say, ‘I made this.’

Each week, you’ll dive deeper into the craft, starting with the basics of wood selection and tool safety, and gradually moving into more intricate techniques. Our classes meet once a week for three hours, a commitment we believe is essential for meaningful progress and deep understanding. Whether you choose our Intro to Woodworking or Box Making basics, you’ll finish with not just a project, but a skill set that lasts a lifetime.

Under the guidance of expert instructors, learn the nuances of woodworking that online tutorials can’t teach

Join a group of like-minded beginners, share your progress, and support each other in a journey of learning and discovery

Get hands-on experience with professional-grade tools and facilities, elevating your woodworking from a hobby to a craft

Start your woodworking journey with the foundation of safety and technique, ensuring every project is not just beautiful but made with precision and care.

Choose the Perfect Class:
4-Week vs. 8-Week.

8 Wk - Intro to Woodworking

Discover the artistry of woodworking with our 8-week Hand Tools class, designed for absolute beginners. Dive into the traditional craftsmanship of using chisels, saws, and planes to shape wood, under the guidance of our expert instructors. By the end of the course, you’ll have the skills to create your own handcrafted pieces, starting with a foundational project that showcases your newfound abilities
- Wednesday 6-9pm Starting May 8th

4 Wk- Box Making Basics 

Kickstart your woodworking journey with our condensed 4-week class, focusing on Hand Tools and Box Making. This course offers a rapid introduction to the fundamental hand tools of woodworking, culminating in the creation of a beautifully handcrafted box. Ideal for those looking for a shorter commitment, you'll leave with a solid foundation in hand tool techniques and a unique piece that's both functional and personal.

Mondays 6-9pm Starting May 6th

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Explore woodworking in our beginner-friendly Evening Classes. Learn essential skills and create with hand tools and machines. Start a rewarding journey from basic techniques to crafting your own masterpiece. An ideal start to a lifelong craft, each class promises a journey from basic techniques to finished masterpieces

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