I recently came across an article in the Sydney Morning Herald that resonated deeply with me. It was about the incredible benefits of spending time with friends in person. Research highlighted in the article shows that seeing friends face-to-face at least once a week can significantly improve our physical and mental health. Eric Kim, a professor of psychology at the University of British Columbia, emphasized that regular in-person contact can lower risks of heart disease, stroke, and even depression.

This topic brought back memories from the early days of Wood Academy. When I was starting out, I reached out to old friends to help test new class ideas. I initially sought their feedback, but I ended up getting something far more valuable. Those weekly meetups rekindled our friendships, bringing joy and a sense of connection that I hadn’t anticipated. These evenings became a highlight of my week, filled with laughter, learning, and the simple pleasure of being together.

Despite the best intentions, making time for friends can often fall by the wayside due to busy schedules, family commitments, and work responsibilities. But here’s the beauty of signing up for a term class: it locks in that time on your calendar. All you need to do is choose the day of the week that works best for you and your friends, and then turn up each week.

At Wood Academy, our evening woodworking classes provide the perfect opportunity to ensure you see your friends regularly while activating your creative side**. The classes run from 6 PM to 9 PM and are designed for all skill levels, so no prior experience is needed. It’s a simple yet powerful way to commit to quality time with friends on a consistent basis. Our evening classes fit easily into busy schedules, offering flexible 4-week or 8-week terms. We provide all the materials and tools, so you can just show up and enjoy the experience. It’s not just about the woodworking; it’s about the camaraderie, the shared laughs, and the sense of accomplishment you get from creating something together.

So, why not start a new tradition with your friends? Share this article with someone you want to hang out with, pick a night that works for both of you, and join us at Wood Academy. Let’s craft, laugh, and learn together!

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